[6:55] Markers of a healthy soul

[19:50] Preparing for death to live

[31:33] Lessons from the dying


Meet Fred Grewe:

Fred is a Board-Certified Chaplain (Association of Professional Chaplains) with a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley and is an ordained Congregationalist minister working for Providence Hospice in Medford, Oregon.  His interest in working with the dying began in the early 1990's with the death of his best friend who succumbed to AIDS.

Grewe has written two books “What the Dying have Taught Me about Living” (Pilgrim Press, 2014), “Time to talk about Dying” (Jessica Kingsley, 2018), and several peer reviewed articles on end-of-life existential distress.

Fred is a mystery – even to himself.  He is an aging, bald, white man who believes God loves him very much and the power of this belief has helped transform a frightened, angry, little man into a more loving and considerate human being.

What I love about Fred is that he is a bright beacon of love, of kindness, of meaningful conversation, and of a loving space being delivered to people in their most vulnerable time, in their final months, days, and moments before they die.

Fred has journeyed with over 3000 people as they have shuffled off this mortal coil. And the lessons he’s learned, and the wisdom he brings is anchored deeply in the importance of living intentionally now.

There is perhaps nothing more fundamental to the human condition than the fact that we are all going to die. And perhaps the biggest gift of that fact is to live fully in the now.

Fred calls this The dying well paradox: Contemplating my death compels me to live a fully engaged life now. And living a fully engaged life now is the best preparation for my death. 

So, How do we engage this wisdom to actually impact our day-to-day existence? How can we all start living more intentionally now so that we get the most out of every moment that we have?''


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