[9:35] Honor yourself with reflection

[25:25] Just doing it

[38:30] Celebrating differences


Meet James Farr:

James is a journalist & the host of the national award-winning “The Conversation Live" a “hyper-local” talk show that focuses on social and restorative justice, inclusion, and equality. Identifying "what is at the root" of local issues, Farr's style is described as "hard-hitting" and "unflinching." 

He recently received a 2021 Hometown Media Award for “Voter Education” from the Alliance for Community Media Foundation out of more than 1000 entries from around the country.


His format is often piercing and provocative. He garnered national attention with his investigative documentary about 21-year-old motorist Christopher Ballew's (Balu)’s savage beating by two Pasadena Police Officers in November 2017. Farr initiated Speak Out Pasadena and Police Community Conversations in an effort to find understanding, healing, police accountability, and oversight and then produced the critically acclaimed documentary Thorns on the Rose: Black Abuse, Corruption & the Pasadena Police.

James is a Husband, Father, Social Entrepreneur, and Guest Lecturer at Occidental College. His monthly column on Social Justice Tourism is featured on CultureHoney.com and he’ll be releasing his first book "Critical Conversation(s)" available in the Fall 2021. 

What I love most about James is his ability to have real, meaningful, and often tough conversations in a way that is respectful and considerate. James is a true model of the kind of human interaction that can lead to.. not only the changing of minds but the changing of hearts. 

And in a world that quite likely has never been MORE divided, he is on a mission to not only be a model of the power of conversation but to be an invitation to all of us to do the same.

How does this relate to you? Well, When it comes to creating a life you truly love, ultimately we must be able to have tough conversations in a consistent and productive way. But it doesn’t stop there, because true success must include creating a world that works for everyone. And that means we are not only aware of the issues, but we are informed, engaged and courageous enough to stand up for the rights of ALL people.


Connect with James: 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheConversation.Live

IG: TheConversation.Live


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