[8:20] Starting your self-awareness journey

[20:30] You know nothing about relationships

[37:10] Sleep fitness


Meet Mark McNally: 

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with a broad base of experience scaling companies from startup through multinational establishment. Mark’s first startup went public on the Nasdaq at the age of 24 reaching a ~$4 billion market cap and ranked as the 3rd most successful IPO of 1999. 

A passionate product and marketing strategist, Mark is one of the original innovators in the e-commerce space, rapidly expanding online buying internationally since the 90’s. Mark’s journey has crossed 14 startups that have raised over $300 million and has seen over $5 billion in exits. These startups pioneered their days from machine learning and e-commerce to healthcare and consumer products,

What I love most about Mark is his focus on the people involved. The intersection of the VC and the start-up world often gets reduced down to the amount of money raised and the amount of money a company sold for… when in reality it’s one of vision, hard work, unifying people around a common goal… basically the truth and the real success always comes down to people. And even more inspiring is Mark’s goal to completely disrupt the traditional VC model by making VC investing opportunities available to the masses through crowdfunding.

It is a bold and revolutionary vision, and one, in my opinion, whose time has come.

Today we are going to hear a little bit about Mark’s journey, a few of the lessons he’s learned along the way and most importantly his keys to success not only in business but in LIFE as well.


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