[10:20] Democratizing footwear creation

[23:28] Understanding NFTs

[48:40] Letting your art be


Meet Steven (Zaptio) Vasilev: 

Steven (Zaptio) Vasilev, CEO and Co-Founder of RTFKT Studios....RTFKT is a leader in the online marketing of luxury and digital NFT goods.

If you don’t know what NFT’s are, stay with me.

Just to give you an example of Steven’s company,  earlier this year, working with an elite NFT artist Fewocious, they sold over $3 million dollars worth of shoes, in less than 7 minutes. These are digital collections that also can be turned into real physical shoes. Again, hang in there.

Steven, is a born serial entrepreneur. He started his first drop-shipping business at the age of thirteen. In the 12 years since, he has set up 4 successful companies and raised seed capital from Angel and VC investors including A16z, Galaxy Digital and GFR Fund.

RTFKT is beyond cutting edge. They live at the intersection of gaming, fashion, and crypto.

What I love most about Steven is that he’s figured out the secret of being able to turn his passions into businesses over and over and over. Despite being very young, still in his  20’s. Steven is a living example of possibility, creativity and creating a life we truly love.

Today we are  going to hear a little bit more about his journey, just how RTFKT is disrupting multiple industries and some of the secrets he’s learned to not only turning your passions into a business but enjoying each and every day of the journey.


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