[5:05] External to internal success

[16:50] Do you want to live or die?

[33:50] Music and mindtravel


Meet Murray Hidary:

Murray is a multi-disciplinary, creative visionary and tech pioneer. He took his first company public at the age of 27, he’s an award-winning photographer and he is a world-class composer. 

Murray is the creator of MindTravel, an immersive, meditative experience that has spanned cities across the world in the form of SilentWalks and “silent” piano concerts. In bringing MindTravel to a broad audience through his digital offerings, Murray’s goal is to create the space for people to have a powerful journey, which is at once provocative and reflective, healing and transcendent. Murray’s MindTravel experiences are a fusion of contemporary and classical musical styles, wisdom traditions, theoretical physics, and the power of communal elevation.

Now, there are certain humans that walk among us who seem to be here to remind us of the deeper realms and other dimensions that life has to offer. Murray is one of those people.  

His mission is to permeate the nature of things and to open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to the hidden reality of the universe.


What I love about Murray is his rawness. Through his childhood, early financial success, family tragedy and ultimately creating MindTravel, Murray has always listened to his inner voice and followed it even when the path was not clear at all. 

There is a famous quote that I love that says, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

How often do we ignore that small inner voice and instead listen to the voices of society? How many times have we not trusted ourselves and our path while instead doing things we are “supposed” to do. All the while knowing that we are leaving some of our gifts, talents or music unplayed and unshared. Well, Murray is here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you anymore.” But rather that each of us live a life that is a beautiful symphony of our own creation.


Connect with Murray: 

Instagram: @murrayhidary and @mindtravelmusic

Facebook: https://facebook.com/mindtravelmusic

Twitter: @murrayhidary



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