[5:20] Life of a hybrid professional

[14:34] What is a hybrid professional?

[44:54] Optimal distinctiveness


Meet Dr. Sarabeth Berk

Dr. Berk is the leading expert on hybrid professional identity, and a hybrid professional herself. She’s been featured in Forbes, onstage as a TEDx speaker, she’s an author, and recent recipient of a Colorado Inno on Fire award for her innovative work. 

In her book, More Than My Title, she has developed a one-of-a-kind approach that takes personal branding and career development to a whole new level. 

This work, her passion, grew out of her own professional identity crisis.

Feeling stuck and pigeonholed in her career path, Sarabeth started a research study focused on professional identity where she interviewed people from diverse industries. Her “aha” moment was realizing workers can be hybrids, more than the sum of their multiple work identities, instead of only experts, generalists, or jacks-of-all-trades. Her hybrid title is Creative Disruptor because she works at the intersection of being an artist, researcher, educator, and designer.

What I love about Sarabeth is that she has touched on something fundamentally important to not only success in our career but success in life.  Most, if not all of us have struggled with getting clear on who we are. And the challenge is not only discovering our unique talents, skills and passions but often even harder is then communicating those to the world, especially when they don’t easily fit into a pre-existing box.

Today we will hear a little more about Sarabeth’s journey in carving her own path... as well as some of the secrets she’s learned along the way.

So whether you are struggling with your own personal or professional identity crisis, or just want to get to know yourself a little better... this is the episode for you.


Connect with Dr. Berk: 

Website: www.morethanmytitle.com/

TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZg6jaMIvIE

Facebook: @morethanmytitle, www.facebook.com/morethanmytitle

Twitter: @sarabethberk twitter.com/sarabethberk

Instagram: @morethanmytitle www.instagram.com/morethanmytitle/?hl=en

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sarabethberk/


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