[5:00] Anchor in hope

[20:00] All good days

[34:10] Why core values


Meet Rita Boccuzzi :

Rita, also known as Mamma Rita Money, is an Entrepreneur, Financial Intelligence Expert, Author, Educator and Motivational Speaker. She is passionately committed to guiding successful entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve financial peace of mind through Money Education and transformative mindset breakthroughs.

She is a leader in the Money Education Movement, known to be a Revolutionary Life Changing Approach for Rapid Transformation to Flourish Financially.

In addition, Mamma Rita also leads Wine, Women & Wealth and "It's No Secret To Be Wealthy" Workshops, as well as her Money Education Movement Bootcamps where Money Over Mindset Mastery meets Money Skills Mastery. 

She is also co-author of “Wine, Women, & Wealth – Inspirational stories of women who got their financial act together” & “50 Empowering Wealth & Financial Mind-$hifts.” 

What I love about Rita is that she is democratizing the information and education that has for far too long been reserved for the financial elite. Money is certainly not the only aspect of success but our lack of financial confidence, knowledge and planning IS definitely at the heart of a lot of unnecessary pain and tribulation.

The bottom line is that your mindset around money and your knowledge of how money works will be a major factor in the quality of your overall success and life experience.

Whether you are starting a business, raising a family, saving for retirement, or simply wanting to have a more solid plan for your future…this is the episode for you.

So buckle up… this is going to be a good one.


Connect with Rita: 

Instagram: @ritaboccuzzi 

Facebook: facebook.com/MammaRitaMoney

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ritaboccuzzi/

Linktree: linktr.ee/fincialresetting

Websites: FinancialResetting.com & MammaRitaMoney.com

Events Calendar: https://mammaritamoney.com/calendar?view=calendar&month=08-2021

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