{8:25} Culture and crazy

{17:20} Facing rejection

{30:40} Staying true

Meet Giulia Preziuso:

Giulia is a therapist, a complex trauma specialist, an author, instagram powerhouse and the founder of Defining Moments Counseling and Education. She’s the author of It's Your Mother's Fault : Understanding Mental Health for Transformative Healing and she is a fountain of wisdom and a master of memes for her 183k followers on instagram where she uses humor, her deep knowledge of the human condition and her authenticity to help her tribe laugh, cry, heal and grow. 

Giulia was born and raised in Paterson, NJ.  One part of her amazing story is that 20 years ago she lost 125lbs in just 10 months and has maintained an active lifestyle ever since.  In 2009 she founded Defining Moments Counseling and Education to help others learn effective ways to permanently transform their lives. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, Giulia  enjoyed a broad business career on leadership teams for major fortune 500 companies which have afforded her a unique solution-focused approach to helping in a therapeutic capacity. 

What I love about Giulia is that she focused on one of the absolute foundational principles of overall life success… connection. Connection to self and others. The quality of our relationships is directly proportional to the quality of our overall life.

So if you want to create a better team in your business or better connections with you clients, or if you are wanting to deepen your relationship with your significant other or your close friends, or you simply want to connect more deeply with yourself…. This is the episode for you.

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