[11:05] Your gifts are your currency

[24:04] Listen to your body


Meet Mary Henderson:

Mary is an internationally recognized Personal Branding & Digital Business Specialist. 

​​She is a speaker and author and the founder of Lights Cameras Action – an end-to-end online coaching program exclusively designed for coaches, consultants, startups and business owners that take them from idea to productization and monetization in months.

Mary helps Service Based Business Owners , Coaches and Consultants systemize, digitalize and commercialize their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a scalable & profitable online business and brand so they become an authority in their niche. 

She has more than 20 years experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses

She has been featured in many publications and is regarded as a thought leader in the Digital sector and she is one of my favorite follows on LinkedIn where she has over 80,000 followers.

What I love about Mary is that she is a heart-centered, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur... who is not only a charismatic and strategic leader but she truly loves sharing her knowledge and witnessing people fulfill their dreams. She is the very rare combination of no nonsense and warmth. She not only makes you believe you can do it, she makes you do it. Just a few minutes in her presence will have you not only believing more in yourself but knowing WHY you Can and Should be believing more in yourself. She has systematized one of the most tumultuous challenges new coaches and entrepreneurs face...  going from idea to productization to monetization.

So if you are a coach, trainer or consultant… or an entrepreneur of any kind… If you’ve ever thought about becoming a coach or starting your own business this is the episode for you.


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