Meet Jenny Wright: 

Jenny Wright (she/her) left her hard-won Vice President title and toxic work environment in corporate America behind, pivoting back into philanthropy and international development without any regrets. She has relied on her project management, research and communications roots to dedicate over a decade of her career to consult for non-profits and international organizations worldwide.

When not running her own consulting firm (Nomad Consulting), Jenny has managed 5 research projects for the United Nations in 3 countries, and has been published by the International Organization for Migration as well as in the International Studies Journal.

Having globetrotted around half the world (and living in her 9th country), Jenny is used to thinking on her feet, eating questionable food and living out of a suitcase. Directing her knack for writing to social media, she gained over 40K LinkedIn followers in a year and is in the process of launching her own blog (A Migrant’s Guide) to share hers and other migrants’ experiences of moving and living abroad.

Feeding her insatiable appetite for new challenges, she’s also flipped 3 "fixer uppers" since 2018 – the first of which was featured on HGTV – and is working on her 4th.  In her own words, Her almost endless amounts of energy comes from a strict diet of 2/3 caffeine and ⅓ sugar with a pinch of ADHD. She’s currently based in Tunisia with her two dogs, and a clowder of street kittens that came with the place.

What I love about Jenny is that she is doing, actually doing what so many of us have on our bucket list. Traveling the world, doing deeply meaningful work with and for people who really need the support and having the kinds of adventures that most of us only dream about.

Jenny is living proof that we can create the life we want NOW, not 10 years from now, not when we retire, but right now. And today we are going to hear a little more about her story and some of the secrets she’s learned along the way so that you too, can make your life the true adventure you’ve always dreamed it could be...starting today. 

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