[5:00] Comfort and success

[17:21] How to be good enough

[32:30] Service and sales


Meet Kim Shernoff:

Kim is a Sales Mindset Coach. For almost two decades, she was a Director of Sales in the Human Capital Management space for Kenexa, an IBM Company – 

Now, she works with small business owners of all sizes, who are experts in their field but uncomfortable in sales- Unlock Their Sales Mindset.

Kim is someone who at a young age figured out her passion was helping people feel good about themselves and the work they do.

This comes from her experiences of feeling like she was sitting on the sidelines of life.  

For her, it started at an early age knowing she was "different" from others. It began with the birthmark on her leg and then told in 2nd grade since dyslexic, that graduating High School should be her crowning achievement.  She also found herself being made fun of and called fat for being overweight and faced other personal hurdles.  

Once Kim changed her mindset and put in extra work, she graduated with honors, got an accelerated MBA, and taught college at 24.  She lost 65lbs on her own and has managed to keep it off for over 20  years. 

She went on to be the top producer on her male-dominated sales team for over 13 years.

She realized her personal mindset work is what propelled her forward in sales and in life. She now combines that same winning strategy to help small business owners.

She is a certified Health and Wellness Coach and was recently named a Sellizer top 100 sales influencers for 2022.

What I love about Kim is that she is the epitome of creating her life, in spite, of what the outside world said. So often in life we are confronted by someone else’s opinion, a cruel or unkind comment that if we buy into, can not only hold us back, but can ultimately have us give up on our dreams. In order for any of us to be a true success and create the life we have dreamed of, we must learn how to source the belief in ourselves... from ourselves. And when we do learn to do that... well, there is literally nothing we cannot do.

Today we are going to not only hear a little more about Kim’s amazing story but also dive into some of the secrets she’s learned along the way. 

So regardless of whether you want to fortify your mindset, improve your ability to sell, or are up for completely redesigning your entire life… this is the episode for you.


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