Meet Marlene Chism:

Marlene is a seasoned speaker, thought partner, advisor, coach, and author. She is CEO of Marlene Chism Consulting and is Widely recognized as the leading US authority on stopping workplace drama. 

She’s the author of four books, her most recent being From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading.

Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict management, and strategic communications.

She’s a recognized expert on Anger Management, Having Difficult Conversations, Working with High Conflict People, and Managing Conflict and Getting Results in a Hybrid Work Environment. 

What I love about Marlene is that she has dedicated her life to solving one of the foundational divides between people and their success… Dealing with conflict. Just think about it. What is the cause of almost every relationship issue, what is the biggest issue in terms of being an effective leader, or more personally what is at the heart of most of your current challenges, personal or business related? ... In almost every case, the answer is Conflict and our inability to deal with it effectively.

So regardless of whether you want to take your business, your relationships or your overall life to the next level… Getting good with conflict is a true accelerator to creating the life of your dreams.

So buckle up, this is going to be a good one.

Connect with Marlene: 

Business page here

LinkedIn here

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YouTube channel here.


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